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You can buy a single session or a punching card for more that one session. You can also book a free call, for you to get a feeling for whether this is the right place for you.

15 minutes non-committal phone call to see if the fit is right

5 sessions

5000 kr. (students or the unemployed 4500 kr.)

1 hour psychotherapy 1050 kr. (950 kr. for students or the unemployed)

10 sessions

9000 kr. (students or the unemployed 8500 kr.)

Cancellation policy and payment

If you are prevented from showing up to our agreed session, you need notify me as soon as possible and no later than 24 hours before. In case of late cancellation or no-show, half of the full price of the session will be charged. Cancellation must be made by text message to 93936576.

The therapy is generally paid for by bank transfer. You will receive an invoice after our session by e-mail, both if it is by individual sessions or for a punch card.

I am not affiliated with public health insurance and therefore do not accept referrals from the doctor.

Privacy policy

When working as a psychologist I keep a record on all my clients. This record will naturally contain personal information about you as a client, such as phone number, address, age and the topics we bring up in therapy.

As a psychologist I am required by law to keep confidentiality about my clients. This means that I am not allowed to share personal information about my clients or their therapy with anyone outside of the session, including both my written record or what I remember from the sessions. This also includes that I am not able to confirm or disconfirm if any certain person is, has been or will be a client of mine, and I cannot tell anyone outside of the session any information that would make it possible for someone to guess who my client is.

However, I am also required by law to break my confidentiality if I estimate from what a client is telling me in session that there is a risk that the client or someone else will be at risk of serious harm (Sundhedslovens § 41). If also have a duty to report my knowledge of a child or minor if I gather from a therapy session that said child or minor is at risk of serious harm to their wellbeing or development (Sundhedsloven § 153). If I at any point find it relevant to break my confidentiality for any reason, I will always discuss it with my client first, and let them know why and how I intend to take the information to the relevant authorities. This means that nothing will be communicated to someone outside of therapy without my clients knowledge.

In therapy sessions mitigated by companies acting as middleman between therapists and insurance companies, I might be obligated to provide certain information to said company about number of sessions, relevant progress in therapy and topic of therapy. In these cases I will ask my client to sign of form of consent for me to be able to carry out this obligation. A client can at any point, during or after therapy sessions have ended, withdraw their approval.

At the end of any session I write a report on the session, which is protected and kept in a third party system, which only I have access to. I will delete a given report on a client after keeping it for five years. Any client has a right to see their report, and can ask for me to hand it out to them in cases related to the municipality or similar cases, where insight into the course of therapy is relevant.

If you are unhappy with how I handle your personal information, let me know immediately and we will try to find a solution together. If you are still unhappy, you have a right to complain to Datatilsynet, Borgergade 28, 5. sal, 1300. København K.

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