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maja collin psykolog


Psychologist with a holistic interest

Iam a psychologist with over 10 years experience of working with people both as a teacher and as a therapist. Jeg have in-depth knowledge about the body and our psyche, and my goal is to help you develop yourself through understanding and connection. My chosen method of treatment works through establishing a connection with your body and your inner life. Together we will create a safe space where you can practice new skills and reach a deeper understanding of yourself.

My approach: Activating your inner resources

I believe that we all do the best we can with the resources we have available to us. My job is to help you activate your own resources and that way get the best out of life. In my sessions I'm not only using my educational background, but also my own life experience. I have been to therapy myself, I've experienced crisis and felt overwhelmed by change and I understand how vulnerable it can feel to ask for help. With me there is room for both the big and small topics and you set the pace. You are welcome here exactly as you are!

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“The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction not a destination.”

- Carl R. Rogers


Matilde, 26

I would really like to recommend Maja as a psychologist, because during our therapy sessions she has helped me to change the mirror in which I look at myself. By that I mean that at the time I started therapy, in many years I had avoided and ignored the deep wounds and feelings I saw when I looked at myself in the mirror. During the course of therapy, Maja has given me the gift that it has now become easier for me to look at myself in the mirror, because I have been able to process some important feelings, because I understand these feelings better and because I dare to admit that they are there (and don't avoid or ignore them). I am really grateful for that gift, Maja. Thank you. 

I would recommend Maja as a psychologist, because the moment she meets you, she manages to create calmness around you. She is not just a skilled psychologist, she is also a person who can show you that she has open arms and an open heart. 


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tlf.: 93 93 65 76

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