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Why should you choose me as your therapist?

A good psychologist who can really help you is priceless on your journey through life, whether you are looking for help recovering from a crisis or working your way towards a specific goal. In my work as a psychologist I prioritize having space and calmness around me so that I can provide the best therapy for my clients. That means for one thing that I choose not to overbook my week, but make sure that even on bad days I have the necessary energy to be fully present with you. It also means that I make use of both my personal experience and my professional knowledge of body and mind, and that I actively look at how to make the therapy most helpful for you.


My own experience

I've been on the receiving side of therapy myself. When I was younger, I've struggled with anxiety, depressive episodes and low self-esteem, and I've experienced personally what it means to be in a therapeutic process, working on myself and my relationships. That means that I show up with a lot of respect when I meet my clients. I know how therapy can feel overwhelming and challenging. But I also know from my own experience that help is available, and even when things feel meaningless, we can still come back to feeling good again. Therapy works, even when our situation feels hopeless.

From my own experience of being in therapy, I've found what works for me. That means that the advice I give and the approach I have to mental health is something I live by. I've tried it myself and I know it works. That being said, it might not be exactly the same tools or insights that do it for you, and your experience is always going to be individual. In therapy we will figure out together exactly what is the most helpful for you.


Not just talking

In my approach to therapy, I emphasize that we need to not just talk about what happened and how you feel. We need to draw some lines between the experiences you have and the patterns you carry with you today, in order to more clearly see what you need to do to feel better. Understanding is the foundation. But next it's important that we also practice doing things differently, training the skills that are gonna help you get to a better point in life.

In relation to that, I'm going to explore the emotions you experience and guide you to look at them as signals and information about yourself. I'm going to include physiological responses in your body so that you can actively start to read and regulate yourself. We are also going to talk about the resources you already have in place and how to make use of for instance your network, your talents and you experience on your journey to healing.


A safe place

We only dare to open up for these things and look at the most vulnerable parts of ourselves when we feel safe. Therefor I put effort into making sure that we are on the same page and walking the path together. I will always make it clear for you what interventions I'm using and why I'm doing that. And I will meet you with openness, curiosity and compassion. I believe that we all always act out of the best intentions and capacity, and you are welcome with everything that you are, all your emotions and experiences, without being judged.

You also have a life outside of therapy and there needs to be space for you to show up to therapy on both good and bad days. Therefore, we always do a check in together when we start the session, and I make sure that you feel heard and understood all the way through.



Last thoughts

Therapy is not just for someone facing sudden challenges or illnesses, but also for someone who wants to gain a closer connection with themselves or improve their own quality of life. My approach to therapy is beyond having a room for conversation. It's an invitation to explore and embrace the many facets of your own personal development and the relation to yourself and others. In that room I will meet you with empathy and openness. So if you are looking for a therapist to listen, understand and show engagement in your development, I'm here to support you.

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